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Robert M. Barr (Wikipedia)
Bob Barr (b. 1918 - d. 1988)[1] was the conductor of the famed Jordan High School Band in Columbus, Georgia from 1946 to 1963. Under his direction, the Jordan High School Band achieved the highest acclaim winning many state and national titles...
Twentieth Anniversary Concert (Dick's World)
High School memories flowed into my consciousness last night as I listened to the Bob Barr Community Band rehearse for its twentieth anniversary concert. I was there because my old friend Dr. George Corradino asked me to emcee the concert since I emceed the very first one twenty years ago...
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George Corradino Retires (Dick's World)
What a way George Corradino picked to debut on Facebook. In his very first message he tells us he is retiring from the Bob Barr Community Band. George - if I wanted to get formal I would say Dr. Corradino, but I have considered him a friend for 40 years so I guess I'll say George - came to Columbus at the suggestion of Bob Barr. George left as an assistant band director at Auburn to become director of the Columbus High School Band...
He taught more than music (Richard Hyatt)
George Corradino is 80, as old as some of the musical charts his orchestra plays. His musicians are educators, bankers and real estate salesmen who feel young again when they pick up a horn. They are the Bob Barr Community Band - a group originally organized to perform beside the grave of a bandleader who made working class kids feel good about music and themselves...
National Band Directors Hall of Fame
Bob Barr, a native of Hartford, Oklahoma, attended high school at Wewoka HS in Oklahoma . A graduate of the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, he also studied at the University of Alabama, University of Georgia, Oklahoma State Teachers College, and Auburn University...