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 Bob Barr Community Band

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A little history about the band
The Bob Barr Community Band was established in 1988 as a memorial tribute to Robert M. Barr, the director of the Jordan High School Band, in Columbus, Georgia, from 1946 to 1962.

Under his direction, the Jordan High School Band achieved the highest acclaim, winning many state and national titles.

As a teacher and friend, he was a positive influence on the lives of hundreds of young people and was named one of the 100 most influential people in the Chattahoochee Valley in the 20th century. He died in May 1988.
What is the Bob Barr Community Band?
The Bob Barr Community Band is a concert band of more than fifty volunteer musicians who enjoy playing concerts for the entertainment of the community.

Performances broaden appreciation for the musical excitement, style, and sounds that only a concert band can provide.

In addition, the band strongly supports a quality music program in our schools and continues to provide assistance to music students, music teachers, and school bands, choruses, and orchestras.
Our goals
The goals of the members of the Bob Barr Community Band are to make the best possible music for themselves and their listeners, to reaffirm pride in their community, and to broaden appreciation for the musical excitement, style and sounds which only a concert band can play.

This band serves as a tribute to the many motivational and inspirational teachers who have placed their signature on young lives and taught their students that "life is a performance" and "life without music would be a mistake." -- James Fletcher, "Robert M. Barr Eulogy.""
Performing the July 4th celebration at the Heard Theatre, the Bob Barr Community Band greatly helped the fund raising efforts of the Easter Seals Organization.
-- Sharon Borger, Director

The opportunity for the Bob Barr Community Band to perform for the 1996 Summer Olympic events in Columbus, Georgia was an honor and a privilege.
-- George Corradino, Band Director

Our community is grateful to the Bob Barr Community for supporting a quality music education program in our schools.
-- Dr. Braxton Nail, Superintendent